Dave Emanuel

Recently, I worked with city staff to launch a new digital badge educational program. Digital badges provide opportunities for out-of-the-classroom education and provide validation of skills that many employers look for when making hiring decisions. Some digital badges also qualify for college credit.

I believe that government should be run with the efficiency of a business, and provide the same accountability to citizens that a corporation does to its shareholders. A vital part of that is reviewing all expenditures carefully, eliminating waste and ensuring that we stay within our budget. Over the past few years, these efforts have enabled us to improve service while lowering taxes for five consecutive years. I will continue to focus on serving our citizen investors by ensuring that the city delivers services that provide maximum value at minimum cost.

Our business community is a vital part of our city. It provides convenience for our residents, contributes to our tax base, and eases the tax burden on individual citizens. By working with our economic development department, we have attracted the types of businesses that have a positive impact on the city.

For the past few years, members of the Snellville City Council have been working to make a new town center a reality. With so many moving parts, it hasn’t been an easy task, but we are now about to sign a development agreement that will soon get work under way.

Our new town center will be dynamic, appealing and unique. It will literally offer something for everyone and will be a new source of pride for our community. One of its most unique aspects is that it will blend state-of-the-art technology with  aspects of Snellville’s history.

I look forward to working together with other Council members to continue keeping taxes low, keeping our neighborhoods safe and supporting a positive economic climate. I am committed to bringing new levels of prosperity and vibrancy to our community while preserving the unique home-town feel that Snellville offers. Building on our successes will make Snellville an even more desirable place to live, increase property values and create a greater feel of community for every resident

Dave Emanuel has been a Snellville resident for 36 years and is currently serves as Mayor Pro Tem of the City Council. Previously, he served on the city’s Planning Commission. He is also a member of the Snellville Tourism and Trade Association (STAT),  the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association and a regular volunteer, helping out at Snellville city events like the Farmer’s Market, Fall Festival and Christmas Tree Lighting. Dave has worked on a variety of projects that have successfully brought improvements to the city. He and his wife Kathy created the “Give Hunger the Boot” program to raise donations for the Southeast Gwinnett Co-Op which provides assistance to local families.